Site Questions about eWrestling.Org

Question: How long has this site been running?
Answer: Since 1999 (Almost 9 years) but under different themes in the past.

Question: Has eWrestling.Org had the same owner for the past 9 years?
Answer: Yes. Brad Batee has been the owner since the very beginning.

Question: Can I acquire a job with your site?
Answer: Yes, make sure you check out our Job Openings page (click here) to see if any positions are available.

Question: How many hits does eWrestling.Org get monthly?
Answer: Due to the fact that we have been open for 9 years, we do get a good amount on a day-to-day basis. The average month for us is about 250,000.

Question: Who makes your graphics/banners?
Answer: I made most of the banners. However, since then many friends have pitched in to help update them.

Question: Can you make me a banner?
Answer: I'm sorry we barely have time to make our own graphics.

Question: Can you put my button/link on your site?
Answer: First concerning the button, maybe, we are trying as much as we can to not put any graphics on the main page due to slower load times. As far as affiliates go, we are open to all suggestions.

Question: eWrestling.Org is the worst site EVER!
Answer: Is there something on eWrestling.Org you are not pleased with? Is there something you would like for us to improve on? Then dont hesitate to voice your opinions, they are always welcomed! The person you should contact is Mr. Batee.