National eWrestling Alliance Presents:
Live on Pay Per View - February 15, 2011

Venue: Madison Square Garden
Location: Manhattan, NY

[Part 5]: BACW: Buried Alive Match
Matt McClain

Edgebrook: Folks we are back from the break, and while we were waiting, the tarp has been removed from our dirt hole, and we are ready for our BACW feature match of the night, Azrael verses Matt McClain in a "Buried Alive" match. So tell me Victoria, what do you think about Azrael getting burned two weeks ago and STILL coming into this match full throttle?

Victoria: I watched footage of BACW's Fire & Fury and to be honest, I think this extreme wrestling is nuts!

Edgebrook: Are you saying it doesn't turn you on?

Victoria: I'm saying that it turns my stomach!

Edgebrook: Well try not to get sick in my direction, because Richard Tate is ready for the introductions. Let's go to the ring!

[Ding! Ding! Ding!]

Richard Tate: Extreme fans, this next contest is a Buried Alive match...

Crowd: [POP!]

Tate: ...and the only way to win is to throw your opponent into the dirt hole here at ringside, and fill in the hole!

Crowd: [POP!]

Tate: BACW fans, are you ready?

Crowd: [POP!]

Tate: I said, are you READY!?

Crowd: [POP!]

Tate: Coming down the aisle, he hails from Houston, Texas and goes by the moniker of "The Crippler" ... Ladies and gentlemen, this is Matt McClain!

Crowd: [YEAH!]

Edgebrook: Entering the ring with very stern look in his eyes, something tells me McClain is determined to end this feud once and for all.

Victoria: Matt McClain is a legend in this business, and I just don’t understand why he feels he has to resort to these types of matches to get over with the crowd.

Edgebrook: So you're saying McClain is above Azrael?

Victoria: No only is he above Azrael, he everything Azarel wants to be, but never will!

Edgebrook: Tell us how you really feel...

Victoria: Welcome to the Mister Batee Era!

Tate: And his opponent...


Crowd: [OH!]

Edgebrook: Sweet Mother of Jesus!

[Violently pushing his way through the crowd, and knocking the fans in his way off their feet, Azrael dives into the ring, swinging for the fences with his barbwire baseball bat!]

Victoria: I honestly think I'm too close!

[Pounding the barbwire into McClain's back, Azrael beats his flesh red until the referee steps in and begs him to stop.]


[Shoving the referee back and slamming the butt of the bat into his stomach, Azrael tosses the man in stripes out of the ring and continues his brutal act on McClain.]

Edgebrook: Folks, Azrael's back is bandaged up from his Burnt to a Crisp match with BACW Heavyweight champion Jack Kraven, and if McClain can remove the bandages and expose his tender skin...

Victoria: It could change the complexion of the match in a heartbeat!

[Body slam in the center of the ring by Azrael and taking McClain by the hair, Azrael throws him over the ropes and towards the grave. Making his way to the apron, Azrael lowers a leg drop onto McClain and grabbing "The Crippler" by the hair again, begins to grind his face into the dirt. As his sadistic laughter fill the Garden, McClain flings a hand full of dirt into Azrael's eyes and it stops him dead in his tracks. McClain staggers to his feet and punting Azrael in the head, gets down and begins cramming dirt into Azrael’s mouth.]


Edgebrook: That's absolutely gross!

Victoria: I've had... I mean I've seen worse.

Edgebrook: I bet you have...

[Dragging Azrael to his feet, McClain loops his arm over his head, and snapping downward, unloads with a face crushing DDT.]

Edgebrook: McClain's going to win!


Edgebrook: Wait a minute... What's he doing?

Victoria: He's tossing Azrael BACK into the ring!

Edgebrook: Why the hell would he want to do that?

Victoria: I guess they don't call him the Crippler for nothing!

[Now inside the squared circle, McClain tosses Azrael into the ropes with a hard Irish whip! On the rebound, Azrael is drilled in the face with a textbook high knee but McClain's not finished there. Another whip into the ropes yields McClain a missed clothesline and bending over on the rebound for a back body drop...]

Crowd: [OH!]

[It's Azrael's turn to kick McClain in the side of the head.]


Edgebrook: I really thought McClain had the momentum, but that's the problem with taking on a madman like Azrael.

Victoria: What do you mean?

Edgebrook: Like the Terminator; he won't stop until you're dead.

[Picking up the discarded barbwire bat that he brought into the ring, Azrael places it on McClain's forehead and, rubbing it back and fourth, McClain's forehead breaks open like an overripe watermelon. As the blood pours into his eyes, Azrael unleashes his devastating finisher and this one appears to be over.]

Edgebrook: I think I hear the fat lady singing.

Victoria: The Crippler has been crippled!

[Rolling McClain's limp body under the bottom ropes and then towards the grave, Azrael can smell victory until the lights start to flicker and...]

Edgerbook: What the Hell is this?

Victoria: I don’t like the way this feels.

[Bursting through the curtains and sprinting down the isle is Azrael's former partner Lash, McClain's friend Terminal Frost, and as shocking as this is... The reemergence of LOUIS FRIEND! Upon impact, Azrael does his best to fight them off initially until the numbers game finally catches up to him.]

Edgebrook: Friend with his finisher on Azrael!

Victoria: Frost with his too!

[The two motions to Lash and shaking his head "no", he runs back up the aisle, frightened of the horrid consequences.]

Edgebrook: McClain applies the Crippler Cross Face and this one's completely out of control!

Matt McClain: [Staggering to his feet a blood mess] I'M GOING TO BREAK YOUR FUCKING NECK!!!!! ONCE AND FOR ALL!

[Unable to control Lash's exit, Matt, Louis and Terminal Frost collectively hoist Azrael up and, after hurling him into the grave, finish off the evil one by shoveling the dirt down on top of him.]

Edgebrook: Once Azrael is complete covered with dirt this one's going to be...

[Just then, the lights will dim suddenly, and sparks will fly by the entrance ramp, as a single green spotlight will cut through the darkness and focus on an imposing figure at the top of the ramp. The man's face will never be in the lights, but he will outstretch both arms, head down, while a female voice, cold and a bit harsh, speaks over the PA system.]

"The soul who cannot rest
dreams of immortality
the light which cannot die
sparks a raging fire
the night which cannot end
consumes you all."

[The lights go out completely, and there is a huge burst of silver and blue smoke engulfing a man who has now appeared at the top of the ramp. When the lights come back on, seconds later, he is gone and only wisps of smoke remain.]

Victoria: I'm so glad I'm not a BACW announcer.

Edgebrook: Why?

Victoria: Because these guys are certifiably nuts!

[Wanting to end the match, the referee looks down at the "grave" they had all been gathered round, and there's a hole in the center indicating someone or something has just crawled out of it.]

Edgebrook: Fans, the referee has declared this match too wild to judge and apparently, he might be too afraid to give his official decision.

Victoria: O.M.G. Edge...

Edgebrook: What?

Victoria: I think I just peed myself too.

Edgebrook: Wonderful! And with that said, let's take a break because when we return, it's going to be our NWA World Television championship on the line! We'll see you in a few...

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